Bank Account (ACH) Payments

Connecting a bank account to make payments via ACH is easy, and compared to using a credit card, you'll enjoy a much lower transaction processing fee on payments you make via Servable.

While credit card payments take about 2 business days to process and settle in the service provider's account, ACH bank account payments can take about 5 business days to settle.

Bank account connections, data storage and ACH transactions are all handled through our partnership with Stripe, a secure payments platform that handles billions of dollars of transactions every year.

Step 1: Connect Your Bank Account to Servable

Use the upper-right menu to select "Payment Methods" and click the "Add ACH Account" button. Complete the form to connect your bank account to Servable.

Step 2: Verify Your Bank Account

After connecting your bank account, you'll see a green "Verify Bank Account" button. Wait two or three business days, and then you'll see two small deposits (from Servable) in your bank account. Click the green "Verify Bank Account" button and then enter the two deposit amounts. When verification is successful, you'll see an alert letting you know.

Step 3: Use Your Bank Account to Make Payments

Navigate to the Servable service where you want to use ACH for payments. Select "Personal Settings" and use the selector next to "Payment Method" to choose your bank account. Click "Save settings for this service" and from now on, all payments you make for this service will be charged to your bank account.

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