Billing & payments

Servable makes it easy to pay for the services you use, and to receive payments for any services you provide.

Everyone: Managing your payment and payout methods

Open your main menu in Servable (link is located in the top right corner) and you’ll see options to manage your payment methods and manage your payout accounts. Payment methods is where you’ll add and manage the credit cards and accounts you use to make outbound payments. Payout accounts is where you’ll manage any bank accounts or debit cards you use to receive payments when you earn money by providing services on Servable.

Service users: Making payments

Once you’ve added one or more payment methods, you can create requests in any Servable service you’ve joined as a user. Of course, if you prefer using different payment methods for different services, you can select which of your payment methods you’d like to use for each service.

For any service, you can see the hourly rates on the service profile page. The service owner configures a few additional options which, if activated, you’ll see on the profile page as well:

  • Transaction processing fee: some services charge the transaction fee to the user, while some services deduct the transaction fee from the service provider’s earnings. If the transaction fee is going to be charged to the user, you’ll see that on the service profile page.

  • Booking fee: some service marketplaces charge a flat booking fee for each service request, which is billed in addition to the service rates. If a booking fee is going to be charged, you’ll see that on the service profile page.

When you make a service request, it will be claimed by a service provider. After you’ve received the service, you’ll be prompted to review the total amount due and rate your experience (if the service provider entered too much or too little time, you can reopen the request and ask them to change it). Some services enable gratuity, while some services do not offer the option to tip your service provider; if gratuity is activated by the service owner, you’ll enter a tip at this point. Once the rating is completed, your preferred payment method will be charged.

Service providers: receiving payouts

It’s possible to claim service requests and provide service without entering a payout method. However, in order to resolve and complete a request, you must enter a payout method so your earnings can be transferred to you. Servable enables you to add multiple payout accounts to your profile. So, for each specific service you provide, you can choose the payout account to which your earnings should be transferred.

When you claim a service request and then finish providing the service, you’ll mark the request as “resolved” and Servable will prompt the user to rate their experience. If gratuity is activated for the service you’ve provided, the user will optionally add a tip at this point. Then, when the rating is completed, the user will be charged and Servable will process a payout to your preferred payout account.

Servable calculates your payout based on the setup configuration chosen by the service owner. For standard services, this includes things like fixed fee options, hourly or daily rate, and transaction processing fee assignment (either the user pays the processing fee, or the processing fee is deducted from the service provider’s earnings). For service marketplaces, the owner chooses a service fee percentage that they will earn from each transaction (they earn this fee in return for managing the marketplace and moderating each service request); so when you provide service in a marketplace, expect to see a service fee deducted from your earnings.

Depending on your bank (or, if you decide to receive payments as transfers to your debit card), it can take up to a few days for your payouts to appear in your payout account.

Marketplace owners: receiving payouts

If you manage a service marketplace on Servable, your earnings will be comprised of a service fee (which is the percentage of each transaction that you earn) and a flat per-transaction booking fee (if you decide to activate that feature). The service providers in your marketplace are paid within a few days, and their earnings are deposited directly into the bank account or debit card they connected. As the marketplace owner, your earnings are transferred into your PayPal account on a rolling 7-day basis. This weeklong buffer ensures funds are available for refunds in the event of any disputes between your users and service providers: you are responsible for moderating any disputes in your marketplace and managing any partial or full refunds.

Click here to learn more about configuring marketplace payments.

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