Direct Assign Requests

Instead of making a request that any matching service provider can claim, the Direct Assign feature enables you to assign a service request directly to a specific service provider.

Service provider choices for Direct Assign requests

Each service provider must decide if they want to automatically accept all Direct Assign requests, or if they want the choice to accept or decline each Direct Assign request. Service providers make this decision when they join a service, and they can edit their preference in their Personal Settings for the service.

How to enable the Direct Assign feature

When creating a new service, you'll find this toggle in the "Requests" stage. For a service that's already created, you'll find it in the Admin menu under "Features." When this feature is activated, all service providers will be required to choose their preference (as detailed above) and users will see the option to make any service request a Direct Assign request (and picking the service provider to whom they wish to Direct Assign the request).

How to make a Direct Assign request

When the Direct Assign feature is activated, users will see a new option in the request creation form called "Assignment (optional)". If the user leaves this at the default setting ("Not directly assigned"), the request will be available to all matching service providers, and the request will be fulfilled by the first provider to claim it. If the user chooses to open the dropdown menu, they'll see a list of all service providers and can choose the one to whom they want to Direct Assign the request.

What happens when I make a Direct Assign request?

If the service provider has chosen to automatically accept all Direct Assign requests, they'll receive a notification alerting them that they've automatically accepted your request, so they know to take action on it. If the service provider hasn't chosen to automatically accept all Direct Assign requests, they'll receive a notification alerting them that they need to either accept or decline the request. If they accept the request, you'll be notified accordingly. If they decline the request, you'll be notified that you need to take further action, by either Direct Assigning the request to another provider, by submitting the request to all matching providers on a first-to-claim basis, or by simply cancelling the request.

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