Granting Administrative Privileges

Sometimes you need other members of your service to access administrative controls, view other people's service requests, and generally be able to control a service with the same privileges that you, as the service owner, have. In these cases, you should grant administrative privileges to one or more people.

What can administrators do?

Adminstrators can do anything that the service owner can do, except delete the service. This includes changing prices, managing users and service providers, granting admin privileges, and configuring the service features and request form. You should only grant administrative privileges to people you completely trust, since they have almost exactly the same power that the service owner has (except they can't delete the service).

How to grant administrative ("admin") privileges

Navigate the the service where you want to grant admin privileges. Use the right-hand menu to select the "Members" menu item. On the members page, you'll see a list of all active members. Find the member you want to make an administrator, and use the "Actions" dropdown to select the "Make Admin" menu item. At this point, Servable will send a notification to the member (by email, SMS or both, depending on the member's notification preferences) alerting them they've received admin privileges for this service.

After you've made a member an admin for this service, you can revoke their admin privileges by going to the same dropdown and selecting "Revoke Admin Abilities."

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