How Servable requests work

Every Servable service consists of two sides: users (who request and receive the service) and providers (who provide the service).

How Requests Work for Users

You can make Servable requests in any service that you've joined as a user. When you make a request, you'll provide details about what you need, when you need it, and importantly, which categories your request falls into.

We use the matching categories you select to identify which providers should be notified that a new request is available so one of them can claim it.

Here's how it works:

1. We’ll instantly match and notify the service providers. When you make a Servable request, we use the categories you selected to match your request with any service providers who’ve joined this service.

2. A service provider claims your request. One of the matched service providers can claim your request, and you can message with them until they’ve finished providing the service to you.

3. Approval, rating and easy automatic payments. When they’re finished, you’ll approve the bill and rate their service, and then we’ll charge your preferred payment method and pay the provider. Easy breezy!

How Requests Work for Service Providers

You can claim Servable requests in any service that you've joined as a provider. For each Servable service you join as a provider, you set your own matching categories and notification preferences. We'll use those preferences when deciding how to notify you that a new request matches your profile and is available for you to claim.

Generally, a request can be claimed only by the first service provider to claim it (except for services that use special features like Group Requests). The service provider who claims the request is responsible for completing the service for the user.

Here's how it works:

1. Based on the matching categories that the user selected, we’ll instantly notify any service providers who match. To claim a request, just click the link in the text or email notification and if it hasn't been claimed yet, you can claim it.

2. Provide the service described in the request. You can use Servable's easy messaging system if you need it, and some services take advantage of special features like file sharing and more.

3. Resolve, receive rating, get paid. When you’re finished, you’ll resolve the request. If the service uses hourly billing, you'll enter your total hours spent providing the service (some services pay daily rates, in which case you'll just enter the number of days or half-days you spent). Once the user has rated their experience receiving service from you, we’ll charge the user and process your earnings payout. Depending on your bank or debit card, it may take up to several days for you to receive the deposit.

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