Marking a service request as resolved

As a provider who's joined a service on Servable, you're able to claim service requests submitted by users. When you claim a request, it's your responsibility to provide the service that the user has requested, based on the details they've provided.

After claiming a request, you'll see the option to mark a service request as resolved. Marking a request as resolved indicates to the user that you've completed your work on the request.

So, you should only mark a request as resolved when it's time for the user to review your work (if there's something they need to review) and otherwise rate their experience with you.

What happens when I mark a service request as resolved?

  1. First, if the service request is using hourly or daily billing, you'll be asked to enter the amount of time you spent working on the request. You're also prompted to include a message to the user. This can be a simple, "Thanks, I enjoyed working with you!" or it can be very specific information related to the service you've provided.

  2. Then, the user will receive a notification informing them you've marked the request as resolved along with some additional information (how much time you entered, the amount they'll be charged, etc.). The user will be prompted to rate their experience and complete the request, or the user can choose to reopen the request if they need some changes or additional work done, or perhaps if they'd like you to increase or decrease the time spent.

  3. Once the user rates their experience and completes the request, their preferred payment method will be charged, and your payout will be processed. Depending on your preferred payout method (bank account or debit card), the payout could take up to several days to appear in your account.

  4. In some services, the owner has turned on two-way ratings, meaning the user and the service provider are both required rate their experience. If two-way ratings are turned on, you'll be prompted to rate your experience providing service to the user, and at that point the request will be completed and payments/payouts will be processed.

What happens if the user doesn't rate and complete the request?

After you mark the request as resolved, the user gets a notification to review, rate and complete the request. If the user doesn't rate and complete the request within 48 hours, we'll send them a reminder to do so.

If they still haven't rated and completed the request after an additional 24 hours (that would be 72 total hours after the request was marked as resolved), Servable will auto-rate the request 5 stars, and the payment and payout will both be processed.

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