Notifications are an important part of your Servable experience: they help ensure your service requests don’t get stagnant and keep you up to speed on your payments, ratings and more.

Choosing your notification preferences

For each Servable service you join, you’ll be able select whether you want to receive notifications by email, SMS, or both.

Types of notifications

Here are some of the notifications you’ll receive when using Servable (this isn’t a comprehensive list, it’s just intended to give you an idea of the system notifications you can expect for each service you join, based on your role):

Service users

  • Your service request has been claimed by a provider
  • Your service provider messaged you
  • Your service request is complete
  • Your payment was processed

Service providers

  • There’s a new service request available that you can claim
  • The user messaged you about a service request you’re working on
  • User has rated and reviewed your work
  • Your earnings payout has been processed

Service owners

  • A new user or service provider has joined (or applied to) a service you own
  • A new request is available for you to moderate (marketplaces only)

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