Privacy settings

Your profile information is private, so other people can't see your phone number, payment accounts, etc.

The only financial information visible to other people is the transaction detail info on receipts. For example, if you provide a service, then the user who requested it can see the amount they paid you. Likewise, if you request a service, the service provider can see how much you were charged.

Each time you create a service, you can choose whether it's public or private. If it's private, you must invite people to view and join it. If it's public, your service will be listed in a directory of public services that other Servable users can search, find, and request to join.

Security & Payment Information

  • When you enter the details of your account to receive payouts from Servable, we don't actually save that information ourselves. It's stored by a company called

    Stripe, which manages online transactions for millions of users - so, your information is extremely secure.

  • Also, note that you do have the option of connecting a debit card to receive your payouts, instead of connecting a bank account - it's just an additional option in case you're more comfortable with that.

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