Services provided by you

If you provide any sort of professional service or household service, Servable is the easiest way to manage your customers, service requests, payments and tracking. Here’s how it works:

Setting up a service provided by you

Creating a new service is super fast and easy: you’ll just add a name and description (learn more about name and description here), customize your request form, and configre your payment rates. From there, you’ll invite some users (these are your clients or customers), and they’re able to request the service from you.

Service requests: getting work

After a user whom you invited joins your service, they can easily request service from you. They’ll fill out the form you customized, and you’ll get a notification letting you know there’s a new service request available for you. For each service request, you can message the user and share files and attachments.

Servable requests: completing work and getting paid

When you’ve finished proving the service, you’ll mark the request as “resolved” (learn more about resolving a request here). Servable will prompt the user to review your work (if necessary) and then rate and review their experience. As soon as the rating is complete, the user will be charged and your earnings payout will be processed. Depending on your bank, it may take a couple of days for the payout to appear in your account.

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