What's Servable?

Servable is a new way to buy and sell services. You can:

  • Manage groups of people who provide services for you

  • Sell professional services to other people

  • Create and manage service marketplaces

In addition to creating your own services, you can join services that other people created. You can join services that you need provided for you; and, you can join services that you want to provide to other people. You can manage both types in Servable, making it easy to manage all your services in one place.

Check out this page to learn more about our product and features.

Services provided for you

Use Servable to manage any services you need provided for you by other people, from babysitting to bookkeeping. Just invite your trusted providers, and then requesting service takes just a few seconds. Learn more about requesting service here

Services provided by you

This type of service is like ecommerce for selling products online - except with Servable, you won’t be selling widgets, you’ll be selling services. Each service you create has its own description, categories, prices, members and more. Learn more about selling services here.

Service marketplaces

Want to manage a service marketplace that connects people who need a service with people who provide it? Want to earn a fee on each transaction in return for your work managing that service marketplace? Servable is the only platform that enables you to build, manage and grow a service marketplace for anything. Learn more about service marketplaces here.

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